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Written for a sociology class on Social Change and Movements:

Where the declaration of truth is treason
Where undeniable evidence
Of truth on a screen
Distributed to the world through a web of electric veins
Can be manipulated, distorted
And the lie believed
Where humans
Are mere labels of identification numbers
Constrained, bound to a system
Of omnipresent panopticism –
A mere step away from
Big Brother
Is Watching You

Serve and protect
Is to mercilessly, callously, apathetically
Beat, shoot, blind, blame;
Serve the injustice
Protect the Façade

Apathy, the acceptance
Of “serve and protect”
Of injustice and the Façade

Dissolve from your mind
The lies and the propaganda
Insidiously fed you
Through the ever-deceiving media
To which you are so insistently and blindly inclined

In a whatever singularity
In a whatever label
A whatever number
A whatever identity
Watch them –
As they watch you.
They are only the 1%


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This is bit of a rant response to an argument about Snape and James merely being “rivals,” instead of James bullying Snape…which, as you will see, I completely disagree with.


I think people are forgetting that the first time that Snape and James ever encountered each other, it was on the Hogwarts Express…where James and Sirius proceeded to bully Snape absolutely out of nowhere while he was just sitting there with Lily. COMPLETELY unprovoked. If JAMES caused the first provocation, and then proceeded to continue, how is that NOT bullying? -.- How is that rivalry?

Also, no, its not that Snape was merely just a best friend to Lily on just a platonic friendship and that they never had a chance at anything more or that she never felt anything for him. J.K. Rowling herself has said that there might have been a point at which Lily may have considered him romantically.

Also, people are forgetting that being bullied at Hogwarts was NOT the only thing that really affected Snape. Even before he ever stepped foot in Hogwarts, he never knew how it felt to really be loved and accepted, considering that he lived in a home where there was just constant strife, yelling and screaming and fighting. And then he goes to Hogwarts, and instead of it being the escape that he imagined it to be, it became another sort of hell. Again, quoting J.K. Rowling, becoming part of the Death Eaters was his only way of being able to feel “accepted.”

Yes, Harry got bullied too when he attended Muggle school and by Dudley, and yet never became so bitter like Snape, blahblahblah, but you have to realize that Harry still found a home and an escape at Hogwarts. SNAPE NEVER DID, not at home and not at Hogwarts. And of course, for James, life was pretty peachy, so his progression to maturity was just a normal thing. HIS life was normal. Snape’s WASN’T. You can grow out of immaturity, but growing up in a broken home in your childhood and witnessing abuse as an everyday happening AND being bullied affects you FOREVER.

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