It’s all in your head

When people tell individuals with mental illness that “it’s all in your head” – well, yes, it IS in their head. And did you know that the head is a part of the body? That the brain is an organ of the body? That the ways your brain cells work and function determines how YOU function and exist? In fact, without the brain, you wouldn’t be a CONSCIOUS living human being. So yes, cancer and diabetes destroys the physical body and of course can have destructive effects on your mental well-being – but so can mental illness such as depression and anxiety because it IS your ENTIRE mental well-being. It IS your very existence. And you can’t even tell people when it disables you from functioning in everyday life, at work, school, everywhere, because it’s invisible to them, invisible to the naked eye. To them, it’s an “excuse.” To you, its life.

This is something that even I have had to come to terms with myself too, because I used to think that maybe it wasss my fault because it was just “all in my head.” But it doesn’t mean that it’s not real – in fact, that’s exactly what makes it real.

One thought on “It’s all in your head

  1. You’re right. As much as we would like to believe that it’s not just in our heads, it is. And it sucks, am I right? It’s so real that it can eat away at you every day. All I can say is that you just have to keep going. I believe in you! Sending love and positive vibes your direction ❤

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