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With the rise of European colonization throughout the world, colonized nations and cultures became part of a process of cultural shifts. Throughout the globe, the colonized nations were left with the remnants of European influence that became intertwined within the fabric of their original culture, whether through language, ideology, mentality, tradition, or faith systems. Despite their desire to retain their culture, colonization nevertheless permeated their psychology: it changed their perception of themselves – they began to perceive their own culture and themselves through the mind of the Europeans: as inferior; whereas they, either subconsciously or blatantly, considered Western culture as the “objective truth,” the superior. They came to perceive their integration into white culture as the standard by which they measure their own worth and value. Colonization, therefore, left behind in its wake a global inferiority complex engendered through a historical process of psychological conditioning, one of the subjects of which Frantz Fanon discusses in his Wretched of the Earth.


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