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When people tell individuals with mental illness that “it’s all in your head” – well, yes, it IS in their head. And did you know that the head is a part of the body? That the brain is an organ of the body? That the ways your brain cells work and function determines how YOU function and exist? In fact, without the brain, you wouldn’t be a CONSCIOUS living human being. So yes, cancer and diabetes destroys the physical body and of course can have destructive effects on your mental well-being – but so can mental illness such as depression and anxiety because it IS your ENTIRE mental well-being. It IS your very existence. And you can’t even tell people when it disables you from functioning in everyday life, at work, school, everywhere, because it’s invisible to them, invisible to the naked eye. To them, it’s an “excuse.” To you, its life.

This is something that even I have had to come to terms with myself too, because I used to think that maybe it wasss my fault because it was just “all in my head.” But it doesn’t mean that it’s not real – in fact, that’s exactly what makes it real.

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“I scanned my eyes furtively over my fellow patients. There was a woman in about her late 40s, with soft, dewy-looking eyes that seemed like they were ubiquitously watery, like she was always on the verge of tears. She was sitting there, looking down and fidgeting with her hands. Mid-life crisis? Anxiety? Depression? Or the latter two as a result of the former, or vice versa? You never can tell, these emotional and psychological things can get quite tricky. At least, I think so. If biological factors get in there too, it gets trickier. You never can tell where the personality ends and the illness, disorder, disease, whatever you wanna call it, begins. That’s the real reason why people find mental stuff so scary, I tell you. That’s the real reason why they don’t understand it, don’t want to understand it, or are in denial when someone they love or know begins to crumble underneath the weight of whatever chaotic mess the chemicals in their brains become entangled in. Because when the invisible, phantom illness begins to mesh with the personality, and you can’t tell one from the other anymore, people begin to define you by the phantom. The phantom becomes you.”

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