Of Paradoxes and Insurrections

Written for a sociology class on Social Change and Movements: Where the declaration of truth is treason Where undeniable evidence Of truth on a screen Distributed to the world through a web of electric veins Can be manipulated, distorted And the lie believed Where humans Are mere labels of identification numbers Constrained, bound to aContinue reading “Of Paradoxes and Insurrections”

“Panopticism & the Carceral” in The Moonstone

In “Panopticism and the Carceral,” Foucault establishes discipline as “techniques for assuring the ordering of human multiplicities.” As a power relation, he refers to it as the “physics or anatomy of power,” infiltrating almost all aspects of societal institutions – ranging from penitentiaries and correction houses to schools and hospitals. Foucault maintains that there areContinue reading ““Panopticism & the Carceral” in The Moonstone”