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The difference between revolutions during the days of monarchs & kings vs. now is that the target was simple back then: a single individual who controlled power. Now, where “democratic” governments are intertwined with capitalism, power is no longer concentrated but diffused between corporations & politicians. Because of this, modern capitalist power/government has actually become more entrenched than previous forms of power in history. Because it is not directly clear who to address, who to hold accountable- because they are all intertwined with each other, and thus the 1% can hide behind that anonymity. (Notice how we say “their” and “they” to talk about governments and systems- the language we use in itself is a sign of how power has become obscure, blurry). This is one of the reasons people are also confused and uncertain about “How can I do anything about this problem/injustice happening? Who is responsible?” But we can’t let their diffusion of power distract us from fighting against oppressions they uphold for the sake of profit, against humans, against the climate, against the earth and the world. Corporations and politicians will not do anything about climate change or reducing carbon emissions or fossil fuels- until there is an actual overwhelming catastrophe that is so devastating that even the rich won’t be able to escape it or deny it. When it begins to melt and flood not just the icebergs and poor countries, but cities and “first-world” countries. By then it will be too late. Climate change is something that will significantly affect the next generation, our children, and their children. It is not that far away. At the rate climate change is accelerating and the rate at which we continue to destroy our planet, it is not that far away. So even as power has evolved through time as a manifestation of capitalism, our forms of protest too must evolve. (And it already has in many ways). We can no longer continue to ignore the problem because it hasn’t affected us yet, because it will; it will affect entire generations. So yes, even if it is the smallest possible way of fighting it, do it. Capitalist power functions by intertwining numerous small elements into one giant structure of power. That is why it is difficult to tackle. Our actions too must function the same way- small acts, on a large scale, matter. As Prophet Muhammad s.a said, “Whosoever of you sees an evil, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then [let him change it] with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart.” Whether it be with our bodies, our tongues or or our hearts, we must take action. #climatechange #capitalism #power #democracy #protest

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Written for a sociology class on Social Change and Movements:

Where the declaration of truth is treason
Where undeniable evidence
Of truth on a screen
Distributed to the world through a web of electric veins
Can be manipulated, distorted
And the lie believed
Where humans
Are mere labels of identification numbers
Constrained, bound to a system
Of omnipresent panopticism –
A mere step away from
Big Brother
Is Watching You

Serve and protect
Is to mercilessly, callously, apathetically
Beat, shoot, blind, blame;
Serve the injustice
Protect the Façade

Apathy, the acceptance
Of “serve and protect”
Of injustice and the Façade

Dissolve from your mind
The lies and the propaganda
Insidiously fed you
Through the ever-deceiving media
To which you are so insistently and blindly inclined

In a whatever singularity
In a whatever label
A whatever number
A whatever identity
Watch them –
As they watch you.
They are only the 1%

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